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सांता क्लॉज स्तव:

ख्रिस्तस्य देवपुत्रस्य जन्मोत्साहे सुपर्वणि | ग्रामं ग्रामं प्रयात्येष: सांता क्लॉज निकोलस: ||१||
: During the enchanted, festive season of Christmas, Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus embarks on his journey and visits every village and town across the globe.

इतालीयोऽपि यो विश्वे सर्वभू: सर्वगोचर: | बालानां सुखमोदार्थं नानादेहप्रवेशकृत् ||२|| : He, having hailed from Italy, is omnipresent and embodies himself in different forms to please the children.
लम्बोदरो मृगरथ: युरोपऋषिसत्तम: | उत्तरध्रुववासोऽयं विविधोपायनप्रद: ||३|| :Santa Claus, one of the greatest saints of the Europe, is the bestower of several gifts. He who's abode is located on the North pole, has a large protuberant belly. He rides the chariot pulled by reindeers.
श्वेतश्मश्रु: श्वेतवर्ण: श्वेतभ्रु: श्वेतलोचन: | रक्तवासानुरक्तश्च सोऽयं रक्तशिरस्त्रधृक् ||४|| He has a long white beard, fair pale complexion, white eyebrows and white eyes. He loves red costumes and covers his head with a red hat.
चाकलेहं क्रीडनकं नानारससुप…